July 19, 2016

Discord – GameWisp Integration, @mentions, and more!


Discord’s latest update brings a number of great features for everyone! GameWisp Integration is finally here! @Mentions are now easy to manage and keep track of! Plus, a number of smaller changes!

Gamewisp Integration!

By integrating GameWisp with you server you can easily sync up your GameWisp subscribers with your Discord community, making it easier to give them that special flair. If you are unsure about what GameWisp and what benefits it can bring to your channel (full article here), it is a fantastic tool for streamers to allow their viewers to support them just like a Sub button would. In return, the streamer can provide exclusive benefits to the viewer such as extra currency for the channel, Snapchat access, and NOW Discord integration. Just like on GameWisp where subscribers have different tiers of support, you can also offer different tiers of flair on your Discord.

How to Set up Gamewisp Integration

  1. Go to the Configuration Page on your Channel Dashboard for GameWisp.
  2. Under “GameWisp Channel Settings” click on the “Channel Links” tab.
  3. Click “Link Discord!” and go through the Oauth steps for Discord.
  4. Set up the GameWisp Bot with a new Role and the necessary permissions it needs.

How to Set the GameWisp Benefits

  1. Go to the Configuration Page on your Channel Dashboard for GameWisp.
  2. Click on “Tiers and Benefits” and turn on edit mode.
  3. Click “Add Benefits” and select “Discord Role” from the list of suggested benefits.
  4. Now to configure the Discord benefits
    1. Name the Benefit and create a description.
    2. Select your server and the desired role for the benefit from the drop down menus.
    3. (Optional) Set it so the benefit is delayed, so only those who have subscribed for a certain amount of time gain it.
    4. Click “Add to Tier” and save changes.

Here’s the release video on how to integrate GameWisp with Discord:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7e3ZVO38bo[/embedyt]


Mentions Update!

Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep track of all of the conversations that goes on in the many channels that people join these days.  Discord is looking to solve these problems with the addition of Recent Mentions. No longer will you have to search through a ton of lines to find where someone mentioned your name! Just look in the top right corner of your Discord into the @ tab and you will find every mention that you are mentioned in! Included in that nice little tab is a filter that lets you exclude @everyone and @role mentions as well! Making it easier to identify messages directed specifically at you.

discord mentions

Smaller but still awesome updates

There’s a few more updates so I’m going to list them to be recognized!

  • Pinned messages will now have a red badge appear when the message has been changed. Perfect for notifications!
  • Direct Messages now require a Verification Step so you can keep your privacy!
  • You can now attenuate your system volume when you speak! No more speaking over the content!
  • New Discord Partner Page! WOOT! BUBBLES!
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