Discord Update – Direct Calling, Group Messaging, and StreamKit Overlays

Discord Group Calls Thumb

Discord’s latest update brings a bunch of highly anticipated features, including direct calls and group messaging. To make a direct call, simply hover over an online friend from your friends list and click the Call button or if you are viewing your DMs with a friend, there is a phone icon in the top row (Discord Direct Call Icon). Another icon in the top row allows you to add friends to the DM (Discord Group DM Icon), creating a group message without having to create an entire separate Discord server. You can also create a new group DM with up to 10 people from the icon on your friends list page (Discord New Group DM Icon). Alongside group DMs, you can also create group calls or add friends to an existing call. Mobile calling is also available and will work even if your friend is offline, so long as you both have the Discord mobile app.

Discord StreamKit Overlay

Specifically for streamers, Discord has implemented a handy StreamKit Overlay tool, which enables you to set up Discord overlays for your stream using OBS or XSplit. The tool can be used to customize what you want to display on your stream and adjust colors, font sizes, and more. Showing your Discord server on stream is a great way to promote it, and it also can be helpful for viewers to follow along if you’re referencing a text channel or you have others speaking in your voice channel. Creating a Discord server is completely free and a great way to build your community.

The update brings about a few more changes and bug fixes. For the complete list, check out the Discord Change Log.


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