January 21, 2016

Darkest Dungeon Full Release

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging Dark Fantasy RPG with turn-based combat that released as Early Access in February 2015. It fully released January 19th and definitely has renewed interest on Twitch as viewers are wondering what the full launch brings. Viewers love to watch streamers take on this brutal game and streamers are able to name (and likely kill) their characters after viewers. Darkest Dungeon

To celebrate the launch, the Darkest Dungeon developers, with Power Up Audio, released a bunch of amazing audio clips with narrator Wayne June’s spectacular voice. These sounds are tailored for streamers and include clips for donations, follows, new subscribers, resubs, hosts, and raids. Check out the Darkest Dungeon website for awesome streaming sounds.

What the full release brings:

  • The actual Darkest Dungeon – you’ll need to have a very high level party to survive
  • 64 Steam achievements
  • New Game + – strict gameplay options, tougher monsters, and you must beat the game in 91 weeks with less than 13 deaths
  • Class-specific provisions – some classes will automatically bring along their own provisions
  • Misc. changes and bug fixes
  • View the complete patch notes

Get the game:

Steam – $19.99

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