Bit Boss Battles Release Global Cheermote and New Contest

Bit Boss Battles Global Cheermote Contest

Bit Boss Battles (BBB) provides an interactive widget that enables viewers to battle each other using Bits. Each time a viewer cheers, damage is dealt to the “Bit Boss” at a rate of 1 point per bit. Whoever deals the killing blow will take over as the new boss.

Yesterday, a new global Cheermote, BitBoss, was released on Twitch. Now, using the new Cheermote on a channel displaying a Bit Boss widget gives viewers a chance to critically wound the boss. Cheering at a higher level yields a higher percentage chance of “rolling a crit” resulting in an additional 125% to 250% damage. Ultimately this is a win-win for both BBB and the broadcaster as it encourages viewers to cheer more using BitBoss.

Bit Boss Cheermote Contest

To celebrate (and promote) their new Cheermote, BBB is running a contest now through September 30th. The top 3 streamers whose communities do the most damage to the Bit Boss with the Bit Boss Cheermote win a prize! First place will receive a custom gaming chair with their logo on it, second place will receive a new microphone, and third place gets a new headset. Note that only damage with the specific Bit Boss cheermote will count towards the contest.Bit Boss Contest Prizes

Although details on the prize specifics (model, retail value, etc.) aren’t currently available, the prizes shown on their Crits page appear to be a DX Racer, a Blue Yeti microphone, and a Razer ManO’War headset.

Update: You can now see where you stand on the Bit Boss Battles contest leaderboards!

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