March 8, 2017

Beam Announces Interactive 2.0 Update

Beam Interactive Update

Ever since its release a year ago, Beam has pushed for an interactive environment. From sub-second delay to an integrated stream soundboard, interaction is priority number one for the streaming website. Beam is improving on it’s developer toolkit with Interactive 2.0.

With the second coming of the interactive side of Beam, they hope to make it easier for game and content creators, and even more fun for viewers. Let’s take a look at the new features releasing to better understand how your Beam experience is getting a major boost.

  • User Identification – Wanna know who pushed that wonderful bean button and is making eat all the beans? Streamers will be able to have more interaction with their viewers by seeing who pushed what and when
  • On-the-fly Controls – Need to change the cost of a button on the fly? Have a great idea for a button but don’t have the time to go to the studio and produce it? Not anymore! You can change the title, cost, sizing, and more immediately from the console while streaming so you can add variety as you stream and keep the viewers guessing!
  • Grouping – Wanna allow certain groups to be able to press the buttons while others can’t? Or wanna set a player one and player two so the chat can fight it out? Make it so
  • Human Based Protocol – A protocol based on JSON so a normal person can read it and debug it. Helpful for when problems arise and you need to explain your situation in normal terms and not “Error 203123213 – no scope”

As a streamer on Beam, you’ll start seeing new fun ways to involve your community into your content. For more information on Interactive 2.0 and how you can get started as a developer, check out the Beam blog.

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