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December 18, 2016
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December 21, 2016

Twitch Adds Cheermotes


A while back, Twitch introduced Cheering, an integrated tipping service. The updates to cheering continue as Twitch adds Cheermotes and expanded Cheering support.

Emotes are a major component of Twitch chat. They’re fun and a great way to add something extra to any statement. Now, you can CHEER with emotes! Cheering a certain amount of bits combined with a certain emote will produce a Cheermote, which is an animated emote! The more bits, the more animation there is to the emote. Current cheermotes available include: Kreygasm, Kappa, and SwiftRage.

As you can see, as the value grows, so does the animation. The 10,000 cheermotes are absolutely amazing and crazy! To activate these emotes with your bits, type the emote name with the number of bits you’d like to give. Normal bits are done by typing cheerX and the emotes follow the same format: kappaX, kreygasmX, swiftrageX.

Starting today, all Twitch Partners can activate and utilize the Cheering system. Twitch is also working on building local payment methods and currencies to support all audiences but, for now, the only method supported is Amazon Payments.

Check out the Twitch Blog for the full details.

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