Twitch Holiday 2017 Specials

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Twitch is getting into the festive mood by offering a few gifts to viewers and ways to cheer in the holiday spirit! All first-month subs (or haven’t been a subscriber to the channel in 32 days i.e your sub-streak has ended) AND all sub gifts are 20% off for the month of December. So if […]

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Twitch Acquisitions Bits Stats

Twitch Acquisition, Bits, and Stats, Oh My!

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This past week has been full of new Twitch announcements. Stats have become more informative with the addition of things such as location data. Bits got a major update with the ability to purchase via mobile and a wider range of payment options. There was even a new acquisition announced by Twitch! ClipMine Acquisition Twitch announced in […]

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Twitch Adds Cheermotes

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A while back, Twitch introduced Cheering, an integrated tipping service. The updates to cheering continue as Twitch adds Cheermotes and expanded Cheering support. Emotes are a major component of Twitch chat. They’re fun and a great way to add something extra to any statement. Now, you can CHEER with emotes! Cheering a certain amount of bits combined […]

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Twitch Introduces Cheers

Twitch Introduces Cheers

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Twitch’s latest feature, Cheering, brings a new way to support and celebrate your favourite streamers. Through the use of Bits you can Cheer for your favourite streamer directly in chat, with the use of animated chat emoticons. Currently in beta, it is only available for a select group of partnered streamers, but will be later rolled […]

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