November 9, 2017

Twitch and Enter Multi-Year Partnership

Twitch Chess Partnership

In an order to increase Chess awareness, Twitch and are partnering to work closer in building Chess as an online spectator sport.

Chess has always had niche audience on Twitch and while it has occasionally bumped up the listings due to major events, it generally stays in the lower view count.

This partnership will give Chess fans more ways to interact with their favourite pro players through stream promotion and more events. Traffic will be directed between both and Twitch which will increase viewership overall. Additionally, a program will be in place to help Chess Streamers become partnered through Twitch.

This means getting Partner benefits such as being on the front page of Twitch, Support, and access to unique Twitch extensions. You will also get unique benefits on website as well.

If you’re someone who enjoys Chess, watches it on Twitch, or even streams it themselves; this partnership will not only build better connectivity between the community but hopefully broaden it across Twitch as a whole.

How to Become a Partnered Twitch Streamer


  • Stream chess exclusively on, using’s server and representing their logo
  • Stream exclusively to Twitch for any livestreaming. VODs and non-live content can be hosted on other platforms
  • Be a good brand ambassador for both and Twitch, with high-quality production and a professional appearance.
  • Stream regularly (recommended 8 hours/week minimum)
  • Join the Chess team on Twitch and host other streamers

Think you have what it takes? Head over to the Chess website and fill out the form provided. Streaming Partner Benefits

  • Live Presenter Status, giving you additional commands for starting games, more functions for chessboard visuals, the ability to broadcast your Live Chess analysis board, and more.
  • listing
  • Promotion across social networks
  • Lifetime Diamond Membership
  • affiliate status
  • hosting from
  • Twitch front page hours
  • Embedding on
  • Paid show opportunities
  • Invitation to the annual Streamers Challenge
  • Access to special Twitch extensions
  • Media assistance and brand guidance

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