March 31, 2016

Twitch Channel Feed Feature Available

Twitch Channel Feed

Remember that article we wrote about the new Twitch Food channel and the interesting Posts feature on the page? Well, now it’s available to everyone. Now, you can easily keep your Twitch Channel Feedcommunity up to date with the latest announcements right on your channel page. To activate it, simply go to your channel and you’ll see a new button called Channel Feed Beta above the Edit Panels button. Flip it on and your panels will push to the right side, leaving space on the left to write anything you’d like your viewers to read next time they visit your stream (so long as it abides by Twitch’s Rules of Conduct). Twitch Channel Feed

Posts can include links and even emotes (global and any channel you are subscribed to). You can also link your Twitter account and have your posts be tweeted. While it is still important to grow your social media following, the new Channel Feed feature is a fantastic way to ensure you get information to all your viewers who visit your stream, even those who don’t use social media or may be completely new to your channel.Twitch Channel Feed

Note that the feature is currently in Beta which means there are likely some bugs and changes to be made.

Source: Twitch Blog