March 31, 2016

Strexm to Go Free

Strexm has announced that the website will be going free and transforming to what they call “V2”. This process is expected to take place in the next few months. Strexm is a web-based overlay service that allows streamers to select from a collection of overlay designs and drag, drop, and edit them without needing to know any design or coding knowledge. What does going free mean for Strexm? Most of the site’s overlays will be available for free, as well as every site feature. The overlay service will also be offering exclusive overlays that only a limited number of users can purchase.

If you’ve supported Strexm in the past by donating, you’ll receive early access to V2 as well as some rewards:

  • Bronze ($1-$14): One exclusive overlay
  • Silver ($15-$4): Two exclusive overlays
  • Gold ($50+): Two exclusive overlays and a founders pack containing t-shirts, codes, and other goodies

Check out this page to get notified when Strexm V2 launches.

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