Streamlabs Streamboss Widget Releases

Streamlabs Streamboss Widget

After teasing it on Twitter in mid-August, Streamlabs has finally released the Streamboss as their newest feature! The Streamboss, which launched on Labor Day, may look familiar to those who have seen or used the popular Bit Boss Battles widget on streams but comes with a few new exciting features for everyone involved.

Streamlabs Streamboss Widget

What is it?

Streamboss display’s a Health Bar on stream featuring a “boss” (the streamer for the first use), then cheers or other methods that occur during the stream lower the health bar until it hits 0. Once the Streamboss is defeated, the viewer who dealt the final blow then becomes the new boss with their own health bar! Any donations, follows, subs, resubs, and bits cheered in the channel can count towards damaging the Boss’s health.

Customizing Your Streamboss

Unlike Bit Boss Battles where you can only modify the amount of damage a resub does, you can tailor every aspect of the Streamboss to your liking. This includes exactly how many points of damage every follower, bit, subscriber, and donation does. The widget also comes with 3 different modes that have varying health bars and damage multipliers. With currently two designs, a custom HTML/CSS feature, and full-fledged adjustable color schemes, Streamboss has a lot to offer already compared to the competition with more features on the way!

Streamboss is a great way to encourage interaction with your chat as well as reward the members of your audience who interact with your stream regardless. The widget is ready to use now, so head over to your Streamlabs dashboard to get started on setting up yours.

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