July 8, 2018

Streamlabs Launches Streamer Merchandise Stores

Streamlabs Streamer Merch Stores

Marketing and brand awareness are important aspects of content creation. One avenue to increase revenue and recognition at the same time is merchandise. Streamlabs is making it easier than ever to create and distribute many different types of merch with their release of their merchandise store feature.

Getting Started

Streamlabs Merch Store

To get started, log into Streamlabs. On the left-hand side, you’ll spot Merchandise Store. Click that lovely button to be taken to the Merchandise area and get your store started. You can now start uploading images and working with your store to produce.

If you don’t want to load each item individually, you can use the Upload Wizard to load your image onto multiple items all at once. Otherwise, you click Create Product to start the creation process.

Streamer Merch

Choose the garment that you want to customize. Currently, there are phone cases, pillows, drawstring backpacks, mugs, t-shirts, sweaters, tank tops, canvases, and posters. Future product plans include hats, flip-flops, stickers, and much more. Once the garment is selected, you are taken to a screen to customize the size and placement of the image you uploaded.

Streamlabs merch tool

Afterward, you can set the item name that will appear in the shop, the price point (Streamlabs has a minimum price for each item), and what appears on the screen when the item is purchased. This is an awesome way to give whomever purchases it recognition and really hype up the merchandise purchases.

Shipping and Printing Methods

Streamlabs uses Direct-to-Garment printing due to the ease of printing it provides and to handle shipping for you. Screen printing can be made available if you would like but a heavy up-front purchase must be made (minimum 48 pieces) and you must handle shipping yourself. So DTG is the easiest method and it is used widely in the merchandise space among other retailers.

Streamlabs merch

Shipping and production usually are within 2-3 days, which means that your viewers will get your product into their hands quickly. Commission rate is set at 25% for items, so you get a huge kickback from your products for most of the work being handled by Streamlabs themselves. Payouts are each month so you can expect to be paid regularly.

The Future

Plans for the future are huge as well! Streamlabs wants to introduce a BYOM method, in which you can buy your own merchandise at a discounted price. This way, you can easily represent your brand without breaking your bank. Giveaways for products are in the works as well so you will be able to give out your products to viewers or subscribers.

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