August 3, 2017

Streamlabs Adds Alert Profiles

Streamlabs Adds Alert Profiles

If you’ve been using Streamlabs for a while, you might have some templates you like to use. Swapping between them in the past has been a bit of a hassle forcing you to manually change assets as you needed. Streamlabs is finally helping you out in this regard by implementing Alert Profiles which keep presets for everything that you can swap in and out of on the fly. Whether you want to make profiles specific to a game you’re playing or an event you’re running, you can package everything about your widgets into a profile from simple font and color changes to sound, image, and CSS changes as per your needs.

Streamlabs Alert Profiles

Making your profiles is easy. A new tab on the side menu conveniently titled “Alerts Profiles” is where you can toggle between your profiles. Currently, all new profiles are copied from the default profile and once you make a profile, you can’t copy them directly. If you are interested in using the Alert Profile system and your profiles will be relatively similar, I’d suggest building up your core design in the “Default” profile, then creating a new profile once you’re done.

Alert Profiles are a welcome addition to the Streamlabs suite. As they add more customization options, easily switching between profiles while preserving settings becomes a more essential feature. I would personally prefer a couple of options for profiles. Copying an existing profile instead of just working from default or being able to overwrite the default with an existing profile might be more intuitive. Once you’re comfortable with the existing system, however, you will be able to utilize the Alert Profiles as you need them with no problem at all.

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