Streamer’s Must-Have Checklist

So, you love Twitch. You watch it so much that you are thinking about cancelling your cable bill for faster internet. That’s wonderful! Welcome to the club! What’s that? You would like to stream like your favorite streamer? That’s even better! Welcome to the community! Before you get started though, how about we write a simple list to really get your started. This checklist will really get you started into forming a very productive stream. account

This is a REQUIREMENT! This is the center of all streaming. I’m sure you have one though because you’ve been watching Twitch for a while now. The real question is “Does this name represent who I am or what I want to be called as a streamer?” I choose my name a long time ago and love it. I actually respond to it instinctively due to the many, many games that I have used the name in. Now, I’m sure “pwnurmom0090” or “swagymcswag” is a fantastic name – for lurking. You want a name that is more professional or sets a theme. Set up a name that you are comfortable with and let’s get going!

A strong computer and a good internet connection.

If you want a stream that flows and is fluid throughout, this is required. I would suggest getting the strongest of both that you can afford or save up for a little and get it then. A strong PC means your computer will not lag during graphical monsters and your frame rate won’t drop. A strong processor also helps with the streaming software and encoding the stream. A very strong internet connection will benefit your stream tenfold. You won’t drop frames, you won’t disconnect, and you will provide a clear visual while you play.

Broadcasting Software

I highly suggest OBS. It is a strong piece of software that is free and has many features. Plus a ton of add ons. Xsplit is a very good streaming software as well and actually tends to be beginner friendly. You could even start in Xsplit and move to OBS. Xsplit has a pro version that you pay monthly for but includes a lot of features, covered in a different article though.

That’s all you need to start streaming! Now, to really add flavor to your channel and make it top notch, here are things that I suggest having.

A microphone to respond to your viewers in a timely manner and multitask while playing.

A webcam to bring a personal feel to your channel. Who doesn’t want to see a beautiful face to put to every voice?

A twitter account to advertise yourself and gain ground towards gaining viewers.

These things will really make your channel enjoyable and keep viewers coming back for more. Then you’ll be on your way to a room full of friends and a partnership with Twitch! Get going!


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