Stream Scene Ep. #60: Streamer Burnout

Stream Scene Streamer Burnout

Streamer burnout is something that is very common in the Content Creation Industry but what is it, why does it happen and how can you combat it? In this episode of Stream Scene, you will hear from our hosts Lowco and TheHunterWild with special guests littlesiha and frankthepegasus.

Why does burnout happen?

Burnout can happen with anything that you consistently do all the time even if it’s something you love. As a Content creator, you are self employed which is a great feeling! The downside to that is you are your own brand so putting yourself out there constantly can lead to burnout. Sometimes your passion can meet a lack of results which can definitely contribute to that feeling of being lonely in a sea of friends. Also, another thing to consider is being creative 24/7 and constantly trying to find new ways to be innovative. That is exhausting work for a Content Creator and as such it’s very important to set boundaries for yourself to keep your mental health in check.

Signs of Burnout

The signs vary widely from person to person but a few signs of burnout could be irritability, the feeling of exhaustion after streaming or even looking at OBS at stream time and thinking “ugh do I really have to go live today?.” Sometimes burnout can just jump up instantly and other times it can creep up slowly where you don’t even see it coming until you are already burnt out. As mentioned earlier, it’s very important to do a lot of self reflection to recognize your individual signs of burnout.

Know your limits

The first thing a Content Creator always hears is “make a schedule” or “stay consistent” but that is also something that has a huge role in preventing burnout. It’s important to know when you’ve worked too much and when to take some time off.

Ways to combat burnout

Don’t be afraid to explore different options to find your passion and find passion in what you do for work. Some examples could be to find things that aren’t monetized in any way that really excite you or maybe it’s just a new hobby that doesn’t involve what you do every day. It’s very important to schedule time for yourself and have a designated cutoff time for you.

In closing, Burnout is so different for every person but it’s very important to recognize the signs mentioned above and how to prevent it. It’s important for your mental health and it will create an environment that not only you will be happy but also your viewers and community.


We’ve created a highlights playlist for this weeks episode and in it you can find the best tidbits. We hope to see you next week on the next episode of The Stream Scene!

To find the full episode, you can follow the video below or catch Stream Scene live every Monday at 5PM EST. Special thanks to our guests: littlesiha and frankthepegasus for joining us this week!


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