November 10, 2017

Stream Deck 1.5.0 Update Adds YouTube Integration

Elgato Stream Deck YouTube Integration Thumb

The Stream Deck, the visual organization peripheral from Elgato that helps streamers run programs, visual effects, and much more with a push of a button, has released its newest update.

YouTube Integration

YouTube is now a supported streaming service on the Stream Deck. Not everything is in yet but the two major features that have been added are Viewer counts and posting pre-composed chat messages. So if you have a message that advertises for a sponsor or states the rules of the chat, it can be posted with a simple button.

Elgato Stream Deck YouTube Integration

Language Additions

Stream Deck application now supports German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified).

Back Key Customization

Up to this point, the Back key has never been customizable. Now, feel free to add your own image or text to the button.

Windows Improvements

You can now use the “Open” function to open folders and all windows will now have a proper border.

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