Setup and Using Twitch Channel Points

                Are you looking for a way to allow your community to have stronger engagement options? Twitch released a wonderful feature called Channel Points that could help your viewers feel involved in the stream and increase engagement across the board!

                What exactly are Channel Points you may ask? It is a simple addition to all streams that allows streamers to reward anyone watching with set perks, even allowing non-subscribers a chance to test drive an emote.

They also allow the viewer to feel more involved in the stream, even larger ones, with simple options like highlighting your message for easier visibility or attaching their name to a character in game.

                To set up, you must be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Head on over to the Creator Dashboard and click the top left corner (sometimes called a hamburger) and choose Channel Points. From here, you can customize the name of the points, the icons, and the rewards that can be redeemed. You can also set up how many points each action takes, allowing flexibility for those much harder tasks.

        As a viewer, earning points is an easy task. Just watch your favorite streamers! You’ll earn 10 points per 5 minutes of watching and a bonus of 50 points can be earned by clicking the chest at the bottom of chat every 15 minutes. There’s other ways of earning points as well.

The possibilities are endless and can only be restricted to the imagination. Some of our favorites that we have seen or used are:

  • Chair Dance, where the streamer does a little dance in the chair
  • Exaggerated Dab, where the streamer does some ridiculous dab animation
  • Choose my character / name, where the viewers choose the streamer’s fate
  • Instant in game death, self-explanatory

Test the waters with your rewards and see how your community reacts! Maybe swap some in and out over time to keep things fresh as well.

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