Resource for Stream Safe Music.!


All of us here at StreamerSquare are excited to announce our new resource site!, a resource for Stream Safe Music

Using music during your streams and content creation has become incredibly complex and confusion with every passing year. All of us at StreamerSquare share your concern regarding the DMCA and it’s affects on the streaming industry in general.

So with that in mind, we’ve done our best to compile a single place where you can find ALL the resources you need to help keep your brand safe from receiving Take-Down requests and DMCA strikes against your channel.

On you can find specific information regarding:

  • Sources for free and paid stream safe music services
  • An In-game music database of what is and is not safe to stream
  • Sound, legal advice regarding DMCA from experienced legal professionals
  • FAQ’s and helpful information to increase your understanding and awareness of the DMCA to your brand.

So be sure to swing on by and check out our new resource for Stream Safe Music! We’re constantly adding to it and expanding this into something truly special!

You can also check out some other music and information resources here on Streamersquare like our article on DMCA myths and Music Licensing

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