April 22, 2016

PAX East 2016 Twitch TownHall Recap

This year at PAX East, Twitch announced some exciting new features coming soon to the platform. Being one of the most popular events during PAX, we’ve got you covered with a quick recap of the announced features from the Twitch TownHall. You can catch the Twitch TownHall Recap video here.

Channel Feed Reactions – Last month Twitch released a new Channel Feed feature where you could let people who visit your channel know of upcoming events, announcements, and whatever else you’d like them to see. As an update to it, viewers will be able to react to your posts using any of their available emotes. This enhances interaction between streamers and their community, and is likely to yield some humorous results. Reactions will be rolling out soon.

Ad-Free Subs – A feature given to Partners in the early days of Twitch, ad-free viewing for subscribers was removed and Partners who already had it were grandfathered in. Back by popular demand by viewers and streamers, ad-free subscriptions are back! This is a feature that will be available to ALL Twitch Partners. It’ll also be optional – Partners can choose to opt-out. Twitch AdFree Subs

Friends – First there were Whispers, soon you’ll have Friends. With the Friends List, you’ll be able to see whose online and easily whisper them. Find your friends by searching or viewing a list of recommended friends. This feature will be rolling an invite-only beta coming soon.


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