September 24, 2016

Oddshot Now Works on Facebook Live

Oddshot Facebook Live
oddshot-facebook-liveWith Facebook livestreaming becoming readily available with the release of their mobile app, Oddshot aims to provide viewers with a way to easily capture moments of these livestreams and share them through social media. If you already have the Oddshot plugin on your browser, you’re already set to snap your favorite shots. If not, you can download Oddshot for Google Chrome or Firefox. After installing the plugin, whenever you tune into a Facebook Live stream, you will see the “Take shot” button below the description of the live stream. At first the button will be grey, and then it will turn blue allowing you to make a clip and share it to the world. You can also keep track of all your shots by creating an Oddshot account.
Facebook Live is a very new platform, catering to any type of livestreaming content such as news reports, concerts, social eating, and more. Having your viewers capture and share highlights from your livestream is a great way to grow your brand and promote your content.
Source: Oddshot blog

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