OBS Guide: Using a Capture Card for PS4

Today, we’re going to go through the basic steps of how to connect your PS4 to your streaming PC using an Elgato HD60 capture card and OBS/SLOBS software.

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

You will need the following list of things before you start:

Step 2: Connecting all the things


The capture card is the center of the whole operation by connecting to every piece of your setup. Start by plugging your PS4 into your capture card’s HDMI port labeled “In” and your Display into your capture card’s HDMI port labeled “Out.” Then, take the Mini-USB cord provided with the capture card and plug that into your PC.

Step 3: Download and install software

Next, head over to Elgato’s support site, download and install the Game Capture software, or install the software that came with your capture card in the package.

You don’t need to leave this software up and running after installing. It’s just to let your PC and capture card talk to each other.

Step 4: Disable HDCP setting on your PS4

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it prevents gameplay & video content from being recorded using external computers or video capture systems. By default, it is encoded and enabled on the HDMI output on the PS4. This step is extremely important, as turning this setting off enables the signal to be read and recorded for your stream, otherwise the connection to the capture card won’t work properly.

You can find this setting in the “Settings” menu on your home screen, then under the “System” menu.

Step 5: Getting OBS on board with your new capture card

In OBS or SLOBS, click the ‘Plus’ icon on the Sources selection and choose to add a new Video Capture Device. Name it what you want, but it’s easier to keep your scenes organized if you name it “Capture Card.”

On the next screen click the down arrow next to device and find your capture card name, once selected click done. Nothing else on this screen needs to be changed.

Make sure when adding camera or overlays that they are above the capture device in the sources screen or else the game will just cover them up.

Step 6: Sorting out your audio

Next to your Sources box in OBS/SLOBS should be the Audio mixer. Click the gear next to mixer and it should bring up a box like pictured below. On your capture card’s source, click the dropdown menu and select either “Monitor only” or “Monitor and Output”

“Monitor and Output” means you and your audience will hear it. “Monitor Only” means only you can hear it.

If you choose “Monitor only” then you will need to add an audio source for your headphones and make that “Monitor and Output” This is used if you want to have voice chat from Discord going and don’t want your audience hearing an echo in your game.

Step 7… STREAM!

One more helpful tip is to have your PS4 running before opening OBS or SLOBS on your PC. If it isn’t, there is a chance your streaming software won’t see your PS4. If you open your streaming software before turning your PS4 on and are having problems seeing video from your capture card, simply close the program, fire up your PS4, then open your software again.

You’re now ready to stream with your PS4!

StreamerSquare would like to thank JD_White for their help putting this guide together! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to stop his stream or by our StreamerSquare discord and give him a ping @JD_White.

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