December 8, 2018

Nintendo Lifting Restrictions on Creators Program

Nintendo Lifting Restrictions on Creators Program

A few years ago, Nintendo decided they were going to tailor who could make content with their products via the Nintendo Creators Program. Making any content with any of their products or logos in it could result in consequences, including take down notices and channel strikes. It was a sad day for many that enjoyed their titles, and ultimately limited what could be created with them.

nintendo creators program
The Nintendo Creators Program launched in 2015, to mixed reception.

Nintendo has recently announced that it will be lifting the veil on these rules, allowing content creators to once again create videos, streams, and let’s plays to their heart’s content, within reason.

  • You may monetize content that you create using the methods that Nintendo has agreed upon, which is an evolving list that can be found in the Game Content Guideline’s FAQ.
  • You may only use Game Content that has officially been released unless otherwise told by Nintendo.
  • All videos are created on your own accord and may not be stated that they are sponsored or affiliated by Nintendo, unless otherwise instructed by Nintendo.
  • If any third parties are included you are responsible for obtaining proper permissions, separate from Nintendo.

It’s exciting to see that Nintendo is letting up on the proverbial handcuffs that it previously placed on content creation, opening up many avenues for creators to experience and share the great titles on Nintendo’s platforms.

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