Mixer to Twitch Guide – Understanding the Purple Side

Mixer To Twitch

With the closure of Mixer around the corner, many streamers are looking for a new home. With Twitch offering a ton of opportunities, there is no time like the present to start a new journey here.

You might notice there’s a handful of differences in what Mixer offered as opposed to Twitch in both naming and features. This guide is here to help you transition smoother and gain a grasp on the Twitch culture from the point of view of a former Mixer Partner.

Gifting Subs

The magnitude and ease to gift subs to the community is second to none.

A highly sought feature on Mixer, gifting subs has been a feature on Twitch for a good while. This is the ability for a member of the community to bestow a subscription to the channel onto either someone specific or to the community in general. If gifted to the community, users are chosen at random from the people that have visited the channel before. There is a reason the Mixer community was asking for this for so long.

Embers are now Bits

The site currency on Mixer was named Embers. In general, when these came out, they were met with the opinion of being overpriced and not being incorporated into the site more. Twitch has the same sense of Embers that they call Bits but they have been worked into many options sitewide. Not only can you Cheer (using bits for emotes, flags, and other fun activities in chat) but you can use sound effects, gain Bit Badges (think of them as badges of honor), and more. One of the best points though? They are priced fairly and can even be earned freely by watching ads or doing activities on the site.

Introduction to your channel

Br0dyman has a hilarious intro to his channel, giving viewers a taste of what they will find when they view him live

When someone looks up your channel, you can upload a video that provides funny moments, detailed reports, and whatever else you would like anyone to know about you. It is a great way for someone to see your live content or a snippet of best moments to get a feel on if they want to return when you are live.

What Chat Bot though?

With moving to a new site, everything must be moved along with it. This includes graphics, descriptions, and chat bots. Mixer used bots that were specific to the website, including FireBot and Mix It Up. With moving over to Twitch, you have a few options that you can move to.

  • Mix It Up – Yes, the very bot named for Mixer has made strides moving over to Twitch. Updating the bot and signing into Twitch will keep all your settings intact.
  • Streamlabs / StreamElements – You might already be using these services for alerts and record keeping. Each provides their own bot service as well that takes advantage of the settings you have already established.
  • NightBot / Moobot – the “always on” bots, these run through an online system where you never need to worry about turning them on. Standard bots that will get the job done.

Emotes, Badges, and MORE

HypeTrains are ways to really get your community hyped for supporting the channel!

On top of earning emotes and badges for subscribing, viewers can earn more with participation. These include:

  • Subscribing to a higher tier nabs them additional emotes.  Tier 2 and tier 3 unlock emotes for the viewer to use.
  • Using Bits in the channel grabs a new badge for their display name, which are completely customizable by the creator. Allow your viewers to shine while also supporting you.
  • Hype Trains get the action flowing and pushes the excitement to a new level. When the community reaches the minimum set by the creator, a train starts. From that point on, every ounce of support given to the channel boosts the level, unlocking special benefits for those who participate.

Affiliate is pretty much a Mixer Partner

The features that a Mixer Partner had and a Twitch Affiliate has are very close. To make things easier, we’ve made a table to represent what items they share and what differences they had.

Gifted SubsXX
Gifted Community Subs X
Ad RevenueXX
Sub EmotesStarts at 2, unlocks 2 per levelStarts at 3, Up to 7
Subscribers4.99 for one tier4.99 for tier one, 9.99 for tier 2, 24.99 for tier 3
Evolving Sub Badge over time X
Global Clipping System X
As you see in the chart, you’re not losing much. In fact, you’re gaining a ton.

            This is a tough transition for anyone. The sky is the limit though with Twitch and we hope this article was able to clear up any questions that you may have.

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