Mixer Pro

Introduces Pro Subscription

YouTube has Red, Twitch had Turbo and now Prime. Mixer has added a similar premium subscription called Pro. It’s a way for a viewer to support Mixer financially for some cool benefits.

Mixer ProMixer Pro Benefits

  • An awesome purple name to showcase your support around the website.
  • No ads while watching your favorite streamer (currently Mixer doesn’t actually have ads incorporated with their streamers but will be soon!)
  • Faster support to all of your problems. Pro users receive faster answers and resolutions when they submit tickets for the website (as a way to show that Mixer dedicates to you as you dedicate to them)
  • 2 times EXP multiplier so you can gain those Sparks easier!
  • Early access to exciting new features and give feedback to help shape the future of the website.

Wondering what Sparks are? They are a universal site currency that a viewer can use to activate interactive features with a streamer. So the streamer sets up their interactive features, sets a Spark cost per action, and the viewer spends their Sparks to activate those actions. Sparks are gained by watching and streaming on Mixer so it’s fairly easy to gain. There are a lot more options coming with Sparks for the future so stay tuned for those updates!

Pro is a great way to get an idea where Mixer is heading and help support your favorite streaming site.

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