March 23, 2016

Logitech C920 Webcam Review

The webcam of choice for many streamers, the Logitech C920 is an excellent option for anyone that wants a high-quality camera without spending a ton of money for a “professional” camera. Let’s dive in and talk about the design and features of the Logitech C920 webcam.


The design of the camera is solid. Personally, with my house having 4 cats, I have had the camera drop to the floor a dozen or so times with no scratches or cracks in the camera yet. The camera has a mic input on either side of the front of it and has a three tier mount system attached to it so it can fit in almost any environment. Three tiered means that it has a small tab in the front of the camera to hold onto a monitor easily while boasting two unfold-able tabs in the back to adjust to any height or angle that your monitor needs to be. It can also be mounted to a tripod. It really is one of the best mounts I’ve used. You can even place the camera on the desk and use these tabs to have the camera sit up by itself, providing an alternative angle for your viewers.


Setup is simple and easy. Plug it into your USB. That’s it. It installs everything by itself and, after a minute, you’re ready to go. It does come with the Logitech Vid HD software, which I found to be a bit lackluster. I wouldn’t use it for anything related to your camera. The camera once plugged in is easily recognized in programs like Skype and OBS. In those individual programs, I was able to adjust everything that I wanted my camera to do, so the software that comes with the camera is not needed.


I have always used Logitech cameras. Going from their cheaper webcams, which were decent but sometimes would pixelate, to this one was a HUGE step in quality. If you had a smaller camera before this, get ready. The view area on this camera is absolutely huge. It will catch an area of about 5 to 6 feet behind you and has a wonderful depth for streamers that have medium to large rooms they are streaming in. On the first test, it caught my roommate standing a good 30 feet behind me and I was able to identify all facial features. The 1080p is crisp and consistent through the whole time streaming with the camera.

Note that, although this does have 1080p capture, it’s often not necessary or recommended as it can draw a lot of resources. High resolution settings for webcams can sometimes cause conflicts with your audio, such as crackling or frequent cut outs with microphones. In addition, because the wideframe captures more of your background, make sure the area behind you isn’t messy!


If you use the camera’s microphone, the Logitech c920 has a very impressive Area Suppression built straight into the camera. It was efficient at drowning out some of the noise that my animals make on a daily basis. If you work in an area where the light is especially bright, you can dim the white lights and even apply a Red Light filter to help with the colors in such harsh lighting. Another nice feature of the C920 camera is it will automatically adjust when lighting conditions change and auto-focus on you in the foreground.


The Logitech website prices the webcam at $79.99, but you can easily find it for cheaper at Amazon and other online retailers.

Final Word

My final words on the C920 is to get it if you’re somewhat serious about streaming and want to improve the quality of your camera. The quality that the video provides and the features that come along with it (especially that mount!) make it worth the buy every time. Many streamers use the camera for their daily stream so you will not be disappointed in the purchase!

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