How to Use Giveaways to Gain Viewers and Followers

One great way to attract the attention of roaming Twitch users is by giving away some games! Everyone loves free stuff, and Twitch viewers are definitely no exception. While it will cost money to buy and give away games, it can really help boost your channel and get people through the door.

Make sure to advertise your giveaway in your stream title, within the first 3 words, preferably the first word. When people are browsing channels for a particular game, they will only see the first few words, having “Giveaways!” first thing in your title will attract people.

Where to get games for cheap

  • HumbleBundle – By far the cheapest way, with HumbleBundle you can get a group of games for as little as $1.  Definitely start here, but keep in mind the games in the bundles are usually lesser known games.
  • G2A – If you are looking to buy a game on Steam, I would check here first. G2A usually offers games for much cheaper than Steam. You can save around $15-$20 off big title games by purchasing through the marketplace. If you buy through the marketplace, I highly recommend spending the extra $1 and some change to get the G2A Shield.
  • Steam – Finally, the Steam store itself can offer some nice sales on good games.

Tools for running giveaways

If you’re going to run giveaways, you need an efficient and fair way to conduct the giveaway. Thankfully, there are free bots that you can quickly and easily set up to run your giveaways.

  • Custom bot

When to run giveaways

  • When chat is quiet
  • If there is an argument, issue, or bad vibes in chat, run a giveaway to clear it and change the tone of the chat
  • If there is a slow part in gameplay that may not be particularly exciting to watch
  • If you need to take a quick break

Running a big game giveaway?

Advertise it in the beginning of your title!

When people ask when the giveaway will be, say it will occur randomly. This will get people to stick around instead of leaving and coming back if they find out exactly when you are doing the giveaway. Try to hold the giveaway towards the end of your stream, so you can make the most out of having additional viewers.

If you sense people are getting really annoyed and restless, run some smaller game giveaways throughout the stream.


Yes, many people may be there just for the giveaway. Many people may not come back, and it is important to realize this. However, you are still gaining exposure to your stream. If you are entertaining, people will stick around and may come back and perhaps even become a regular viewer. The more people that you can get to at least check out your stream, the better the chance you will gain some new followers and viewers.

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