January 17, 2018

Elgato Adds Wallpaper Mode for Stream Deck Key Creator

Elgato Stream Deck Wallpaper Mode

If you’ve been using a Stream Deck and really care about your aesthetic, Elgato just made it easier to turn your keypad into an extension of your desktop background. On top of the regular key creator tool that has been available since the Stream Deck’s release, Elgato added a tab that lets you upload a whole image and have it automatically split up into individual files for each of your Stream Deck keys. You can upload your image of choice, use the quick fit buttons, and export your pack of key replacements with the appropriate spacing and all to fit perfectly.

Sure, this isn’t as major as when they add new platforms to the Stream Deck support but we appreciate it all the same. As per usual, you can read our review of the Stream Deck if you want to know more and we’ll be sure to post whenever real updates for come along.

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