Discord Introduces Stream Status, Improves Audio and More

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Discord just rolled out their latest patch which includes a lot of community requested features, such as setting notes for users, Stream status, server role hierarchies, improved role management, cloning channels and chat box is always focused. Other updates include improved audio quality for voice channels, Discord now handles packet loss up to 30% better, increased server capacity in Europe and Singapore, and updates to the Android and iOS apps to bring them more up to date with the desktop app.

discord audio improvement packet loss

The Stream Status feature will now show you as “Streaming” on your server, when Streamer Mode is enabled and Twitch reports you are on. This feature will help your community easily find out when you are live! However, this feature is not currently available for Youtube Gaming, Hitbox, Beam or other streaming websites.

The improvements to the server roles and the introduction of a hierarchy will allow you to easily manage your community. Creating rolls is simpler than before, using the @everyone role as a template, and the heirarchy allows users to easily create and manage roles with lower permission levels.

You can now easily create new voice channels easily, by right clicking a channel to clone it with the same permissions. Finally, previously to type in a channel you would have to click on the chat box, now the chat box is always focused. So, no matter where you last clicked on Discord you will be able to type in the chat box, providing you aren’t using Push To Talk.

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