Discord: A Tool for Connecting

Ever wanted a way for you and your community to interact outside of stream itself? Then Discord is possibly the best solution out there at the moment. Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat specifically for gamers and it is completely FREE!

We are pleased to announce that StreamerSquare now has a Discord! Just head over to our discord to join!

The StreamerSquare Discord will be a great way for you and other streamers to connect, ask questions and get the latest updates regarding StreamerSquare. We will be using at as a platform to help provide you guys with the best possible service and aid to help you grow your streams.

Discord combines all the best things about Skype and TeamSpeak in a single sleek program that is available in your browser and as an app for your desktop and phone. As a streamer you will reap the benefits of having a more involved community, your viewers will be able to not only interact with you but with each other. It offers a platform for them to socialize and communicate with each, whilst still being part of your community.