Chatty Part 1 – Installation and Setup


Streamer Square did a presentation covering useful tools that Twitch moderators can use. During the course of the show, WesCisa went over some basics of a program called “Chatty”. It is a widely used IRC program that helps to effectively moderate chats.

Today, we are showing our readers how to get this program and set it up since Chatty is invaluable to moderators.

What is Chatty and Why should it be used?

Chatty is an IRC program that connects to Twitch. It requires users to log in with their own Twitch accounts to access the information in the chat. This program also detects whether the user is a moderator for a specific channel or not.

Using Chatty, moderators can see what is happening in chat, execute commands, and can be configured to use a pause feature – similar to a slow mode. Some of these features will be covered in a later article detailing advanced features.

Show Me the Goods. How to Get Chatty and Read it

Step one – get the program from the Github link. Use the standalone installer

Please note a couple of points before proceeding:

  • Chatty is used specifically for Twitch. It cannot be used for YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, or any other live streaming service.
  • This software is free to use and runs on Windows or OS’s that support Java 8 or later versions.
  • Chatty will give you live notifications of ALL the streamers you follow.
Step Two – Log into your Twitch Account by clicking “Main > Create Login” then “Request Login Data”.
Chatty with channels
  • Requesting Data will open up a webpage to authorize Twitch Access
  • After this step is done, click ‘Verify Login’ and ‘Done’
  • At first, there will be no channels to join so let’s fix that.
Step Three – Setup your favorite channels by “Channels > Favorites / History.”
  • In the top bar type in all the channels you moderate for and separate them with a comma. For example StreamerSquare, Lowco, TheHunterWild. Click “Add to Favorites”
  • To join multiple channels at once, control-click all the channels in the list you want to join then press ‘join channels’ at the bottom. The program will open up windows for each in Chatty.
  • To automatically join channels each time Chatty is loaded, click “Main > Settings”. On the right of the categories under ‘Startup’, click the drop-down bar. Select one of the options like: ‘connect and join selected channels’ or ‘connect and join previously open channels’.
Chatty Installed and Ready To Go
Step Four – Know how to Read the Information on the Screen
  • If a channel has a black/white/grey title depending on the color scheme used, then there are no new chat messages. When a channel name is RED, users are talking in chat. If the channel is ORANGE, one of your highlighted words has been used and should be checked. (More on highlights in another article).
  • Sometimes a channel will have an asterisk next to the name. This indicates that the streamer has set a new stream status. Perhaps they changed games or maybe they just went live. You will also receive a popup when all the channels you follow start their stream.
  • The top title bar will display a ton of useful information as well. It shows the name of the streamer, users in chat, viewers watching the stream, the title, and the game being played. Should a streamer send a host or a raid over to another, the bar reflects that.


Chatty is an extremely powerful tool that I recommend every moderator uses. It has many advanced features that can be set like setting up highlight words and using the pause feature. Both features will be covered in a future article.

With this tool, moderation becomes a lot more simplified, allowing users to focus on the chat and potential TOS violations.

Stay tuned for the next article about Chatty and Happy moderating!

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