October 17, 2018

Bebo Transitions from Streaming Service to Tournament Platform

Transitions from Streaming to Tournaments

Bebo, the growing streaming service that offered everything you needed to stream in one box, is throwing in the towel on Wednesday October 17th. But it isn’t closing its doors. It’s refocusing the business model and going “all in” on tournaments.

Bebo platform

In a post by Shaanvp, he goes into details about how they set out to try many things, including lootbox features and currency bots, to build new features for streamers. One of their ideas were “streamer tournaments” and it took off when first announced. It took off so well that they found that they were spending more time on tournaments than developing streaming features for Bebo.

Bebo tournaments

Hence why this decision was made. So the streaming side of Bebo will be shut down as of this Wednesday. The minimum withdrawal amount for tips has been removed so all tips can be cashed out. The overlays that were in Bebo will be released to the public for free so streamers that need to transition over to OBS/Xsplit can still use the same designs they’ve been using. I also might suggest OBS Streamlabs, as it might be the most comfortable since it has all of the features built in.