TwitchCon ’19 Panels for Beginning Streamers

TwitchCon 2019 panels for beginning streamers

TwitchCon is a great way to find and meet like minded people in the Gaming and Content Creation world but with you being new to it you might be wondering which panels will benefit you in your early stages of streaming. Below will show you the schedule and best panels to fit you as a beginner streamer.

Friday, Sept. 27th

  • 10:00AMYou, My Friend, Are a Brand – 3 hours
    • This panel would be great as it focuses on one of the most important aspects of streaming, Branding. The workshop is hosted by Heyguys (a Former Twitch employee) and will be covering a wide range on marketing fundamentals, best practices and other things to help you turn your identity into your brand.
  • 12:00 PMReal Talk: What it takes to Build a Community – 1 hour
    • In the TwitchUnity Lounge, numerous guest speakers will be talking about what it takes to build a successful community on Twitch. They will be touching on moderation techniques and some tips & tricks to improve interaction in your community.
  • 1:30 PMSo you want to Be a Streamer? – 3 hours
    • In this panel hosted by HeyGuys, you’ll learn everything you need to hit “Go Live” for the first time including hardware and stream management options. This hands-on Workshop will also help get you familiar with all the new products Twitch has to offer to make going live easier than ever before.
  • 3:30 PMPartner Mentorship Round Table – 1 hour
    • *Space is limited for this event so arrive early.
    • In this panel partners offer 1:1 advice to growing streamers in a table group setting. If you’re interested in getting some great feedback or just wanting someone to point you in the right direction this activity is for you!

Saturday, Sept. 28th

  • 2:30 PMStand Out From the Crowd: Up Your Production Value Game – 1 hour
    • What makes me unique? That’s a question a lot of new and experienced streamers ask themselves. In this panel, learn how these streamers made themselves stand out with Audio/ Video quality, scene transitions, multiple cameras and more!

Sunday, Sept. 29th

  • 11:30 AMBuild, Engage, and Bond With Your Community – 1 hour
    • Hosted by the Twitch product team, this panel will show you the tools you can use to grow your community, moderate effectively, recognize your loyal viewers and bonding as your community grows.

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