Twitch Features: Following Games Instead of Just Streamers

Twitch Following Games

The future looks very bright with Twitch and future broadcasters. The newest feature off the Twitch press allows a viewer to follow a specific game that they like, not just a specific streamer. This allows users to enjoy the game that they love to watch past the time that their favorite streamer has played it. This allows viewers to discover new streamers as well, by seeing who is broadcasting the current game. It opens the doors while not hurting the current popular streamers that broadcast everyday. This is huge because the future of Twitch just doesn’t depend on the current streamers but the up-and-coming talent as well. If there’s no one there to stream the games, there’s no content.

This is also benefit for streamers. Now you can easily follow games you are playing or interested in playing to have easier access to information. For example, are there a lot of streamers playing the game? Are there a lot of viewers for the game? Now you can more easily track games to determine if its worth streaming.

The new feature is in the same “Follow” area that your favorite streamers are in. Once you are in the “Follow” section, there will be a tab that says “Games.” Click here and the most popular games will start popping up for you to follow. Go ahead and check it out! Make sure to check out some of the new streamers as well! Who knows? You may find yourself a gem or a new favorite that you would’ve never been able to find!



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