November 3, 2016

TweetAlerts: On-screen Twitter Alerts

tweetalert-homepage-snipIf you’ve ever wanted an elegant, alert-style way to show your favorite hashtag on stream, the folks at TweetAlerts have you covered. If you’re familiar with what Streamlabs provides, just imagine that same exact concept translated over to Twitter notifications instead of follower tweetalert-dashboard-snipnotifications. TweetAlerts still feels like it’s very much in it’s infancy but if you are active on Twitter with your own hashtag, you can actively track it on stream.

The TweetAlerts dashboard is very straightforward. You have basic formatting options, simple moderation tools such as if you want to show Twitter pictures or blacklist words, animation styles which you’ll be familiar with if you’ve used Streamlabs, and the tracking mode. TweetAlerts automatically tracks tweets you like but you can also add in tracking for mentions or a specific hashtag. This can both drive up interaction since it’ll show up on stream and also help you push and create a hashtag for your community.

TweetAlerts is currently very basic, not that a Twitter-based alert tool really needs anything else. You pull TweetAlerts into your streaming program of choice with a regular browser source and it should handle the rest. There’s very little you can really change about the look of the Tweets on screen with only color and font options. It also looks like the alert aligns to the top left of the source bounding box so if you want it to align to the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll have to do some fidgeting. Apart from that, this is really all you’d need to connect your Twitter and Twitch profiles in a more meaningful way.

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