ScorpBot: The Multi-Platform Chatbot


ScorpBot is a very innovative chat bot that is starting to gain ground with Beam streamers. A major reason for this is ScorpBot can handle Beam AND Twitch at the same time.  So for anyone that is dual streaming, both chats are in one central place and commands can be made to send information to both chats simultaneously without the need for two chat windows open. Let’s go over all the other useful features of this amazing chat bot!

Initial Setup

The layout is very basic but easily gets the job done. These types of layouts can be a good things, sacrificing fancy ads and flashy overlays to help with computer performance. To set up the bot, you start at the Login tab and choose Bot Login. If you haven’t created a separate account for your bot, now is a good time to create one! It is best to use separate names from the broadcaster name to clarify which is the bot and which is the streamer to the chat.

Scorpbot Login

Once inside the Bot Login menu, you’ll be presented with your options, which includes 5 services: Twitch, Beam, GameWisp, Google, and Streamjar. With Twitch and Beam, you type in the Bot name (the one that you created before this step) and authenticate it through the Oauth-Token system so the bot can handle the chat! GameWisp is a Oauth-Token login and will display your GameWisp subs when someone subscribes or re-subs to you. Google Auth syncs you with Google Spreadsheets, allowing you to sync your documents with your bot. Streamjar is currently the only notification service that ScorpBot supports and you’ll use an API Key (instructions to getting the API key are actually in the StreamJar Tab).

ScorpBot Functions

Once your bot is setup to your channels and services, the fun begins! From the main hub, you have a multitude of tabs to design the bot to your liking. A list of these options are:


Chat: If both bots are connected to your Twitch and Beam chats then both chats will appear together here, with a purple text and a [T] next to their name for if the chatter is on Twitch, while blue text and a [B] next to theirs if the viewer is on Beam.

Dashboard: Here is the mainframe of your stream! You can see if all your services are connected, change your title for both services, and manage the activity from your channel. ScorpBot even remembers who Hosted/Raided/Subbed/Followed/Donated you during your sessions and makes simple to read lists for your convenience.

Hosting: Allows you to set up an Automatic Host list, where your channel will host a specific list of channels for a designated amount of time.

Viewers: Keeps track of every single viewer that makes their way into either channel, how long each has spent in the channel, their rank, points, if they are a sub, and other information.

Giveaways: ScorpBot builds in a simple interface to use to be able to run giveaways for your channel. You can set the parameters to how ever you would like to.

Currency: You can set up a channel currency to reward viewers for their dedication to the stream! With that currency, you can set up ways for them to spend said currency or achieve certain ranks.

Commands: You can set up commands for the channels, even setting it up to appear in both chats at the same time! Commands can be set up to run automatically or manually.

Timers: These are commands or events that will run after a certain number of chat lines or minutes. Useful for regularly informing your viewers of important information.

Counters: You can set up commands to count up or down when a certain action is done. So, let’s say you are finally doing a Dark Souls run, you can set up a death counter that you increase whenever you die!

Quotes: Quote systems are a fun way to remember the best comments said on stream. This is an easy area to store them all and call upon them when needed. You can actually add a circulation cycle too that displays random quotes throughout your stream!

Music: Song request is a very popular feature and, with this option, you can allow your users to request songs and monitor them. Don’t like a song that was requested? Easily remove it before it even plays!

SFX: An easy place to add sound effect commands so users can activate them during the stream, even for stream currency!

GFX: The same as SFX but for Graphics instead. Have random graphics display on your channel when certain commands are used, even activating a sound when the graphic is used.

Games: Run games in your chat while you are streaming to entertain your viewers! Games include slots, heists, 8 ball, and roulette, with more around the corner!

Relay: This is a really cool feature! Ever wanted your chats to be able to talk to each other? This is the way to do it! It takes your messages from either service and posts them to the other service, creating a bridge of communication.

Settings: The area where you customize your bot to your liking! There’s a lot of options like messages and cap checks here and you can customize them all.

Web: Here, you can connect yourself to the ScorpBot website, earning shoutouts and leveling up on the website!

I personally love ScorpBot and have since changed to using it for my daily streaming needs. It has a ton of features that can make your streaming easier and is really helpful to anyone choosing to dual stream to Twitch and Beam.