July 26, 2016

New TwitchAlerts Pro Membership

TwitchAlerts, a popular tip and subscriber alert for Twitch streamers, has released a TwitchAlerts Pro membership option for viewers. TwitchAlerts Pro allows viewers to have customized effects to their username for whenever they tip a streamer or (re)subscribe and it appears on stream. These effects range from confetti to bubbles to even Twitch emotes. The streamer has to be using TwitchAlerts as their alert system, and they have the option to disable it (under Donation Settings).TwitchAlerts Pro

If you’re a regular supporter of streams using TwitchAlerts, TwitchAlerts Pro can be a fun way to make your username stand out on stream. The cost is $4.99/month and only a single subscription is required for Pro to work on all channels using TwitchAlerts. To sign up for TwitchAlerts Pro, you need to visit someone’s TwitchAlerts tip page (ex: Lowco2525′s) and select an effect to prompt the TwitchAlerts Pro window. This is currently the only way to sign up, but hopefully a Dashboard or a direct link will be made available. For the first month you sign up for TwitchAlerts Pro, you’ll receive a $5 credit that can be used to tip any streamer.

Read the full post on the TwitchAlerts blog.

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