How to Make GIFs of Your Stream

Last week we wrote an overview on a tool called Oddshot that allows viewers to capture awesome moments from Twitch and Hitbox streams. Oddshot clips are easy to share, making it a handy tool for promoting your stream. Creating GIFs and attaching them to tweets is a small, but fun way to showcase the entertaining moments from your streams. Your followers will enjoy them and may likely retweet them, increasing your exposure. There are a couple of different ways to create GIFs, depending how much editing you want to do to the GIF.

Direct from Oddshot (No editing)

    1. Visit the Oddshot page of the highlight you want to make a GIF of.
    2. In the bottom right hand corner, click the “Create Highlight GIF” button.
    3. Trim your clip as desired and click “Create GIF”.

Oddshot Create GIF


  1. Right click anywhere in the video and “Copy video address”.Oddshot
  2. Select a site like Imgur or Gfycat.
  3. Note: These directions are for Gfycat, but Imgur is very similar. Log into your account. Click “Upload”.
  4. Paste the video address URL and the video will appear.
  5. Move the slider to find the point in the video you want the GIF to start, then adjust the duration.
  6. Click “Create” and let the site handle the rest.
  7. Share your creation!


Edited GIFs

  1. Download your video. In Oddshot, you can do this by right clicking and selecting “Save video as”.
  2. EZGIF is a neat web tool that allows you to upload, create, and then edit your GIF.
  3. Start by clicking “Video to GIF” and making your GIF.
  4. After that, you can crop, resize, add text, and make other enhancements.
  5. When you’re done, make sure to hit the green “Save” button to download your creation. You can use Imgur of Gfycat to host your GIF.


Making GIFs from Twitch VoDs

  1. Make a highlight that includes the section you want to make a GIF of. Try to keep the highlight as short as possible for easy download/upload.
  2. Use a tool like TwitchDown to log in and download the highlight you made. Feel free to delete the Twitch highlight after you’ve downloaded the video.
  3. Follow the steps above in “Edited GIFs”.