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Gamers Outreach Adds TwitchAlerts Integration

GamersOutreach TwitchAlerts

Planning on fundraising for Gamers Outreach? Now you can display contributions on your stream with the Gamers Outreach TwitchAlerts integration! Gamers Outreach is a charity organization that aims to provide children in hospitals video game entertainment through the creation of portable gaming kiosks (GO Karts). With the new TwitchAlerts integration, if someone makes a contribution to your Gamers Outreach fundraiser while you’re streaming, you can have a notification appear on stream. This is great for thanking your donors and enticing others to contribute to your cause.

How to setup Gamers Outreach TwitchAlerts integration:

  1. Sign up for TwitchAlerts.
  2. Create a Gamers Outreach fundraising campaign.
  3. Go to Fundraise -> Account (top of the website) and select TwitchAlerts.
  4. Click Connect to TwitchAlerts and authorize Gamers Outreach to view/add donations to your account.

That’s it! Any donations made directly to your Gamers Outreach fundraiser will now appear on stream. Note that donations made through your TwitchAlerts page will not count towards your GO campaign.

For more information, check out the Gamers Outreach blog.

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