April 30, 2016

Discord Rolls out Server Nicknames and More

The latest patch to Discord saw them introduce Server nicknames, @role mentions, mark as read, as well as a myriad of other useful features.


As per popular demand, Discord implemented a feature that allows you to change your name for each server. You simply need to type “/nick username” in a server that has the permission enabled to change it. The @role mentions allows you to quickly get hold of everyone within a role group, so getting hold of a moderator or admin on your favourite server has never been easier! Right clicking now brings up a menu, allowing you to easily edit settings, view a profiles, mention/message a user and mark both servers and individual channels as read.

Other updates include more colours for server roles, WUMBOJI, larger Twitch emotes, quickly PMing users from members list and improved search tools for server member lists.

Source and full patch notes: Discord Blog

For further information about discord and the benifits of having a server for your own stream, be sure to check out our previous articles on the application and join the StreamerSquare Discord Server.


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