Join our Mod Team

Mod Duties:

  • Answering questions for viewers and members in Twitch chat and Discord
  • Providing links to relevant information, including StreamerSquare articles, videos, and guides
  • Removing hate speech, personal attacks, and spam from chats
    • DMing offenders when necessary
    • As long as they are not being overly crass or attacking another person, swearing is permitted for members of chat
  • Thanking Twitch viewers for subscriptions, raids, hosts, and bits
  • Recording timestamps for all live shows
  • Updating bot commands as necessary

Mod Expectations:

  • Being present for as many shows as possible
  • Communicating with members of the mod team to ensure proper show coverage
  • Personable but professional behavior in Twitch chat and Discord
    • PG-13 language; no caps spam; appropriate conversation topics
      • Assume potential sponsors are in the audience at all times
    • Try not to distract from live shows
  • Respect all Non-Disclosure Agreements, embargoes, and personal privacy

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