Twitch Humble Bundle E3 Ticket Integration

Buy The Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket on Twitch

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Viewers can buy the Humble Bundle E3 2017 Digital Ticket directly from Partner and Affiliate channels. Not only is this a great way to raise funds for the ESA Foundation but also helps support some of your favourite broadcasters. In addition to all the goodies you’ll receive, you also get two Twitch Crates as an added bonus! […]

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Twitch Buy Games

You Can Now Buy Games on Twitch

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We posted back in February that Twitch would start selling games directly through the website. A couple months and a Twitch application later, you actually can buy games on Twitch. The basics of buying games on Twitch were announced early on and, for the most part, have remained the same. Twitch has partnered with several companies to […]

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Twitch Game Purchases Coming Soon

Coming Spring 2017: Buy Games Through Twitch

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Twitch tweeted out a video today introducing a new and exciting feature that will allow you to buy games right on the website. The feature will be made available to all channels where if they are playing a supported game, a Buy Now button will appear beneath their stream. However, only Partners will be eligible to […]

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