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StreamWeasels Twitch Integrated Websites

Whether you’re completely new to streaming, or you’ve already found your place in the community – there’s one thing that can help you connect with (and grow) your audience, a personal, professional WordPress site which integrates flawlessly with

That’s where StreamWeasels comes in. StreamWeasels provides WordPress Themes and Plugins for streamers which help transform your online presence in a matter of minutes. The StreamWeasels themes and plugins connect with Twitch’s new Helix API – which means they pull all sorts of information about your stream – like your online status, what game you’re playing and how many viewers you’re pulling. That information, alongside a beautiful design, is then displayed on your website to viewers whenever you’re online on Twitch.

All of the StreamWeasels products are ready to put to work – straight out the box. They include simple, easy-to-use admin interfaces which allow you to view your product in real-time before you decide to place it anywhere on your site. They are fully mobile-responsive and look great on any device. Each purchase also comes with dedicated, full-time support to help with any issues and our team even offers one-off solutions for users with unique queries.

WordPress Themes for Twitch Streamers

The StreamWeasels flagship Theme – Broadcast – comes in two forms.

  • Broadcast Lite is a free WordPress theme for streamers looking to get up and running quickly and for FREE
  • Broadcast PRO is a premium WordPress theme for streamers. It unlocks extra features and allows for more advanced theme customization
Ninja Website
Broadcast PRO – an example of a WordPress site for the popular Fortnite streamer ‘ninja’
Broadcast Lite Broadcast PRO
Twitch API Integration
WordPress Blogging Support
Mobile Responsive
User Comments
Layout Control
Title Control
Image Effects
Ad Free
Premium Support
Colour Schemes Two Unlimited
Stream Countdown Basic Advanced
Try for FREE Buy for $30

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Both Broadcast Lite and Broadcast PRO follow WordPress best coding practices, are compatible with many plugins from the repository, they are child-theme ready, translation ready and receive automatic updates.

WordPress Plugins for Twitch Streamers

If you’re not looking for a dedicated Twitch WordPress theme, or you’re a community manager or perhaps you run a fan-site looking for something different, one of the StreamWeasels plugins will work for you. Our plugins work in a similar manner – allowing you to display a set of streams on your WordPress site based on your preferences and embed them in your posts and pages through the use of a WordPress shortcode. You can pull streams based on usernames, based on the game they’re playing, or based on a Twitch team. You can also customize things like the language of the streams to display and how many streams to display at once.

Twitch Rail PRO,  Twitch Wall PRO and Twitch Player PRO display streams whether they’re online or not – which is one of the major features that make the plugins so popular and only achievable due to the integration with the new Helix API.

Twitch Rail PRO

Twitch Rail PRO can pull a set of streams from the Twitch API and display them in a horizontal ‘rail’ on your WordPress website. The rail is compact and can slide left and right, meaning you can fit up to 100 streams in a small space on your site – perfect for embedding streams between posts or page content seamlessly.

Twitch Rail Pro Plugin

Twitch Wall PRO

Twitch Wall PRO pulls a set of streams from the Twitch API and displays them in a ‘wall’ on your WordPress website. The ‘wall’ requires much more space than the ‘rail’ so it is often best used on a whole webpage of your site. This makes it perfect for pages where you want to showcase a group of streams, like a community, a group of friends, a clan or a team. The ‘wall’ of streams mirrors very closely the type of layout you can see on

Twitch Wall Pro Plugin

Twitch Player PRO

Twitch Player PRO pulls a set of streams from the Twitch API and displays them in a ‘player’ on your WordPress website. The ‘player’ combines the features of our Rail and Wall plugin to achieve the best of both worlds. Its compact design allows it to be embedded within a post or page and not take up too much room – while also being able to display up to 100 streamers in the compact, scrollable stream column on the right.

Twitch Player Pro Plugin

Why StreamWeasels?

StreamWeasels themes and plugins for Twitch streamers offers up a quick and easy way for Twitch streamers and other Twitch users to get Twitch functionality easily embedded within their site.

So, if you’re a streamer looking for a Twitch integrated website for WordPress – Broadcast PRO is for you. If you’re not ready to commit to the PRO theme just yet, you can try out Broadcast Lite for free.

If you’re just looking to display streams in your posts or pages in WordPress- try out one of our PRO WordPress plugins for Twitch streamers. Again, if you’re not ready to commit to one of the PRO plugins, each of the StreamWeasels PRO plugins has a free version available directly through if you would like to try them out first.

As a reader of StreamerSquare, StreamWeasels are offering up a limited-time only 25% discount on all StreamWeasels products. You can use the code StreamerSquare25 at checkout to claim your discount.

Disclaimer: Post is sponsored and written by StreamWeasels.

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