Hide Your Viewer Count on Twitch

Twitch Hide Viewer Count

If you’re in a slump or are constantly finding yourself checking your viewer count and being negatively affected by it, the best advice is to stop looking at it. That can be difficult to do when you have your stream open in your Dashboard.

How to Hide Livestream View Count Twitch Dashboard

Simply click the Viewers box to toggle between displaying your viewer count and hiding it.

Twitch Hide Viewer Count

Things to Note

This feature doesn’t permanently hide your view count from yourself or anyone else. Everyone else will still be able to see your viewer count when you’re live as it only hides it on your Dashboard, not your channel page.

So, if you use your Dashboard for reading chat, this option can come in handy. It also doesn’t hurt to set a healthy rule with your community that you don’t want any discussions around view count in chat.

But what about if you’re using broadcasting software to monitor your chat and control your stream?

How to Hide Livestream View Count OBS

In OBS, you need to add the Twitch Stats doc to your profile layout if you haven’t already. This can be found in the “Docks” panel. Once you have your dock added to your layout, click on the view counter to hide it.

How to Hide Livestream View Count Stream Elements OBS.Live

Using the Activity Feed from Stream Elements’ OBS.Live plugin, click the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. This will open up a panel on the left side where you can see your channel as well as the stream settings which you’ll want to click next. Below the section where you name your stream and choose the stream category, you can toggle the “Show viewers” button on and off.

How to Hide Livestream View Count StreamLabs OBS

In SLOBS, you can turn your view count off from the chat window. In the upper right corner next to the view count is an eye icon, toggle it to show and hide the view count.

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