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What to expect in this course:

Welcome to Using & Setting Up Green Screens! You’re in store for a full-coverage guide on all you need to know. Within this course, we’ll cover everything from the huge variety of lighting options, configuration and setup, materials, and the many hazards to watch out for in setting up your own green screened studio.

Course Goals:
  1. Learn how to set up and key a green screen
  2. Discuss the power of lighting for green screen use

StreamerSquare has a two-part resource on backgrounds. Check out this article for native backgrounds (just your physical room or location) or this one to dig a little deeper into green screens.

Looking for an in-depth visual walkthrough of setting up a green screen? Look no further than MachineDaena and his tutorial video below!

One thing that’s always crucial to streaming with a camera, whether that’s with or without a green screen is lighting. Get that finishing touch on your knowledge on the subject by checking out “The Basics of Lighting Your Stream” over on StreamerSquare!

Finally, we’ve got a clip from one of The Stream Scene episodes, featuring guests Soaryn and dasMEDHI, with a fluid discussion of several approaches to green screens.

Keying A Green Screen

Have you ever wondered how the weather reporter on the news is able to stand in front of a map or an animated graphic and interact with it? In your favorite movie, the heroes are running through a location that does not exist anywhere on Earth! But how do they do that? It’s clearly not a backdrop behind them, but it’s…something else. This is a production effect called chromakey and is achieved by having the reporter or actors in front of a green (or another monochrome color) background and the video editor can selectively remove from the background color from the output. This module is written in first person by csharpfritz! Follow along as he sets up his first green screen. What the camera sees After Chromakey This is a standard effect that virtually all video editing and video production software has filters for, and can be achieved with little expense or effort. You can even get really creative with the output. In this article, you’ll learn about the required equipment, configuration in OBS for your live stream, ideas that you can use to make really creative content, and some tips to ensure your audience enjoys the results of your efforts. The Equipment It’s really quite easy to get your space configured for chromakey effects, and we’re here to help you do it! Colors First thing’s first – they call it a green screen, so what’s with the color? That’s honestly a terrific question to kick this off. Software and hardware switchers are usually preconfigured to work with a specific shade of green and another of blue: Green: #00B140 rgb(0, 177, 64) | Blue: #0047BB rgb(0, 71, 187) These particular shades of green and blue are chosen because: They don’t naturally occur in human skin tones They have the highest luminance...

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