Streaming Software Basics

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OBS Studio Basics

Open Broadcaster Software Studio or OBS Studio is a free and open-source application for streaming. This guide serves as a primer to get you used to this widely used broadcast tool. It covers everything from getting OBS downloaded to starting a stream. There’s a lot to cover, but you will be streaming in no time. Let’s go on our OBS journey, shall we? Why OBS Studio? There are several options for creators looking for broadcast software. The most well-known options include Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, and OBS itself. With multiple choices, you’re probably asking yourself “Why OBS Studio?” OBS is a great option because it’s free, regularly updated, and highly customizable. Right after downloading OBS, you can stream within a few minutes. OBS is flexible and the best reason to use it is because its functionality can be enhanced or extended through the use of plugins (adding Closed Captions, for instance). If you’re a StreamElements user, you can use the Obs.Live plugin to get chat, your activity feed, and media requests embedded right into OBS. Download and Install You can find the OBS Studio installer right here on the OBS website. Head over to this page to download OBS for Windows, Apple OS, or Linux. After downloading the installer, run the application and follow the prompts. Let’s Get Started   There are a few things to do and a few concepts to understand. Let’s dive in and get you familiar with this broadcasting tool.  We are going to focus on the minimal amount of setup that must happen before going live: broadcast settings adding audio devices setting up scenes and their layouts Profiles OBS Studio is flexible enough to save your settings for various purposes. If you want multiple configurations for recording or streaming (this includes different channels), you might want...

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