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What to expect in this course:

One of the most important roles and aspects of being a content creator is mods & moderation.

It is a role given to a user by a streamer, likely due to their personality or demeanor in chat.

However, while a user may want to become a moderator, there are certain aspects of the role that are paramount. The task appears to be relatively simple, but banning rulebreakers in chat is only the tip of the iceberg.

Course Goals:
  1. Discuss the mod role in detail
  2. Cover why moderation is necessary
  3. Technical guide on how to be a moderator
  4. Learn how to use commands and mod view

The Basics of Moderating

What is a Moderator and Why Are They Important? First and foremost, a moderator is a person selected by the streamer to keep the peace in chat. They do this by de-escalating issues before they blow out of proportion. Moderators, therefore, act as a bridge between the chat and the streamer, which means they are not only there to answer questions or create useful commands, but they are also the streamer’s security guards. Thus, it is important that moderators are chosen to help protect the community from harm, as well as protect the streamer and their business. This is accomplished through helpful commands, different chat modes, and moderation tools. Sometimes this requires the moderator to report Terms of Service violators to Twitch. Moderators also serve to prevent malicious links from being spread to unsuspecting users, block slurs or harmful language, tone down hostile trolling in chat, and prevent users from potentially sending death threats or initiating targeted attacks like ‘swatting’. RekItRavenThey/SheRaven is a chaotic good content creator and activist on Twitch. She speaks on difficult topics such as politics, mental health, racial inequalities, LGBTQIA2+ rights and more. They also plays a variety of games but horror is home!“If something happens in the chat, such as a hate raid, the mods are the first line of defense. A lot of the time, I don’t get to read negative messages because they have already been banned and had their message deleted. I’m so grateful for them.” A good moderator will require adaptability, objectivity, and thick skin. They must be able to read the room and then act accordingly. Using Commands One of the first things that all moderators should be familiar with is how to use some basic commands. While there is a mod view on Twitch that can be used, it...

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