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What to expect in this course:

Utilizing a public platform for good can look like many different things, and one of those important pillars of using a platform for good is philanthropic work. It can be a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be! Charity work is fun and can be really straightforward if you know what you’re signing up for!

In this course we will discuss allyship, educational approaches, and platform intention when it comes to fundraising. 

Course Goals:
  1. Determine how to choose a charity, fundraiser or mutual aid campaign successfully
  2. Let’s discuss how to plan goals when fundraising to maximize support
  3. Discover ways to collaborate with other creators and businesses respectfully and effectively
  4. Learn all about proper fundraising etiquette

Picking a Fundraising Method

You may aspire to raise money on-stream, but with countless charitable causes to choose from, how can you narrow down who you’d actually like to raise money for?  Here are some tips to identify organizations that may be a good match for you when starting a new fundraising campaign. Find a Personal Connection First and foremost, a personal connection with the organization’s work is the best way to ensure a mutually positive experience between your stream and the cause you’re hoping to benefit. Look for organizations that have relevance to yourself, your life experiences, or what you like to stream.  Being able to speak personally about why this organization’s work is important to you is a great way to drive donations from viewers, while ensuring you’re raising money for the right reasons. You don’t need to share your deepest, darkest struggles with your audience for the sake of donations; but it helps to be able to speak from the heart about why this cause is important to you.  Viewers can feel when you’re passionate about something! This personal connection might encourage others and help them feel passionate enough to pitch in too! If you don’t have a personal cause that directly intertwines with your life, consider taking general things you are passionate about and turn those things into potential fundraisers or mutual aid campaigns! Let’s go over some examples of this below. Fund Resources That Benefit Your Community Members When streaming for charity, you are asking your audience to step in and help out – so why not seek out charities that benefit causes important to your community?  If you are an ally with many queer folks in your community, showing your care by fundraising for a trans-led LGBTQ2IA+ non-profit could be a compatible fit.  Keep in mind that sometimes...

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