Stream-friendly Music

As a streamer, it’s important to be aware of the rules your streaming service enforces regarding music played on streams. The safest way to avoid your stream or VoDs getting muted and potentially having penalties to your account is to play royalty-free music. Here, we’ll provide some sources for popular royalty-free music. Note that, royalty-free music doesn’t necessarily mean free music. Some music may cost money and some may require attribution (like a link in the info section beneath your stream or a bot command). Know of some great music we should add? E-mail, tweet, or chat with us!

Pretzel – Pretzel is a free music app crafted for streamers that plays only royalty-free music. Check out our review of Pretzel here.

Twitch Music – Large collection of royalty-free music. Playlists are available to listen to for free on Spotify. Link attribution to requested.

Monstercat – You can play the Monstercat Twitch channel for free (change the quality settings to Mobile so it doesn’t bog down your computer without losing audio quality) in the background of your stream on Twitch. Monstercat License Subscription allows for full monetization on Twitch and YouTube for $14.99/month.

NoCopyrightSounds – Free music with no copyright. Link attribution required.

Incompetech – A large collection of free music with a variety of genres. Link attribution required.

MachinimaSound – Legacy tracks are free to use with crediting the artist. Other songs can be purchased for use in streams.

BenSound – Free to use with a variety of genres. Link attribution required.

AudionautiX – Also free to use with a variety of genres. Link attribution required.

Popskyy – Mega Pack 1 contains 106 electronic/chiptune songs for free (name your price). Additional albums available for purchase. All songs can be used for streaming, videos, etc but link attribution is required.

Rules for Streaming Sites

The general rule for most streaming sites is: if you do not hold the rights to play copyright music, and the owner of the music chooses to take action via DMCA, your account may be terminated. While the chance of this happening is very low, keep this in mind if you choose to stream copyright music.

  • Twitch: Streaming copyright music will not get your stream taken down, but portions of your VoD will be muted. If the volume is low enough, it may not get picked up by the audio recognition system, but if you upload to YouTube, it can still get flagged there.
  • YouTube Gaming: Copyrighted music may mute your livestream or even terminate the broadcast. Source: YouTube Help
  • Mixer: Streams/VoDs are not muted if copyright music is played.