Video Content Creator

StreamerSquare is now beginning its next big step into a whole new chapter; ready to widen its scope and take on a whole new challenge while still maintaining the foundation that made them who they are today. As we forge ahead into this new chapter, we’re looking for Video Content Creators to create brand new video content for SolarStream! These creators will work with our Video Content Manager on the development and production of video content.

Responsibilities for this role will include recording guides, in-depth tutorials, and analyzing deep subjects in video format. As a Video Content Creator, you’ll be working directly with our Video Content Manager to select topics for videos, as well as creating and finalizing edits on scripts. Script writing skills are required for this position, with research and subject matter materials provided to aid in script creation. StreamerSquare has several video editors on staff, therefore video editing skills are not required for this position.

This is a remote, project-based position. Pay rates will vary based on involvement in the full video production cycle (script writing, recording, and production of b-roll footage or visuals).

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