Twitch Bitrate Limit

Twitch Adds New Transcoding Options and Guidelines

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Twitch has finally lifted the bitrate cap, previously 3.5 mbps (3500 kbps) to a recommended range of 3-6 mbps and set some general guidelines for achieving a good-looking 1080p broadcast. Firstly, to help scale the higher bitrate cap, Twitch is making more granular quality options available for viewers. Instead of low, medium, high, and source, more […]

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Twitch Quality Options Change

Quality Options Change for Twitch Non-Partners

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Twitch has changed the how quality options are applied to non-partner streamers, in a way that many will be happy about. Excess resources for quality options have been distributed to non-Partners on Twitch for some time, but it was always done in the middle of streams which caused a lot of problems for viewers. Streamers often […]

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